Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Nathalie. I’m am a German living in exile. Sweden to be exact. I am nearing the end of my studies and to get some distraction from writing my master dissertation I decided to start up this blog. In my spare time I love knitting, reading/listening to (audio-) books, watching TV/movies, quilting, doodling, playing softball, board games, travelling,… and the Internet.

You might be wondering about the name of the blog. If you are not Scandinavian or familiar with the Swedish culture, you may not know what “fika” is. Fika is a big deal here in Sweden and everyone takes it very seriously. In theory, it is a coffee break, but so much more.  Fika can be simple. At work, everybody drops whatever they are doing at certain times of the day to gather, drink coffee and socialise. The traditional fika includes serving sandwiches and/or “fikabröd“, pastries, such as the famous kanelbulle, the cinnamon bun (my favourite is the kardamummabulle, the cardamom bun, delicious!).

Socialising is a big part of the fika culture. The resulting chatter (fika chatter) is similar to what I plan to bring to this blog: a mix of travel, books, food, movies,… and other things I love.

I hope you will enjoy my little corner of the internet!



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